About Me

My name is Nikolai Fabricius and I have been painting miniatures since 2008. I'm an ambitious and passionate painter who loves to extra step. I live in Stockholm, Sweden and I run Niko's Workshop from my studio. I'm a solo artist which is beneficial in many ways, both for you and me. Your project moves from start to completion through my hands only. When you're describing your project for the first time, you're describing it directly to the artist. This minimizes confusion and you get exactly what you want and what you expected from the start. I think it's important that there is a direct contact between the client and the artist. If you suddenly want to change something in the project, just send me a mail and I will do everything I can to fulfill your request. I value good communication and I think it's important to send information and updates personally. This minimizes the risk of confusion during the process. As a single artist I can give you a better insight of the project, provide optimal communication and ensure you get what you're expecting.  

At the age of 10 I bought my first box of Warhammer, containing a group of night goblins. A couple of friends had previously shown of their collections and I was really impressed, not only of the fantastic miniatures but also of the effort put into building, posing and painting the figures. My true interest started when one of my friends offered me the opportunity to sit and paint with him. I painted an ork boy with jeans and I was damn proud of my exquisite performance, it wasn't pretty but I was convinced I would enjoy painting more. I started painting the set of goblins and I fell in love with the hobby, for real. I lived far away from the hobby store and my transport possibilities were limited. When I didn't have own figures to paint I gladly helped my friends and my brother paint their collections and all of us earned something. They got their figures painted and I had the pleasure of painting them. I find motivation in helping others since both parties benefit from the help. I become a better painter while you save time and get your miniatures painted.






Municipality of Vaxholm

Scholarship for cultural encouragement



The Fang Painting Competition, Stockholm Sweden

Squad 40k, 1st place


Lions Club, Vaxholm Sweden

Scholarship for cultural encouragement



Norrbergsskolan, Vaxholm Sweden

Art Scholarship



The Fang Painting Competition, Stockholm Sweden

Young Bloods, 2nd place



The Fang Painting Competition, Stockholm Sweden

People's choice

Monster 40k, first place

Young Bloods, first place

Open, second place



The Fang Painting Competition, Stockholm Sweden

Young Bloods, first place