Commission Procedure

There's only one thing better than a painted and that a beautifully painted army. There's no point in having unpainted miniatures but painting is very time-consuming. I love painting and I always seek challenges and ways to improve my skills. I love starting new projects and I get motivation from helping others. 

It is easy for you to make changes to the commission. Transparency is important and I will send frequent progress pictures to involve you in the progress. With good communication, you can easily follow the progress, change things whenever you want to and let you have full control of your commission. Your vision of the project is what matters.


Asking for a quote

Getting a quote is free of charge and really easy. Just send me a mail where you tell me what services you need, what miniatures you need painted and/or built along any other important information. Send your instructions to and I will respond as quickly as possible, estimating the final cost.


Starting the commission

When the final cost is set it's time to obtain the miniatures. You can either:

  1. Send models you already have
  2. Send money and let me buy the models for you
  3. Buy the models online and have them sent to my adress

If you want to send me the models using another method you can of course do that!

Before I get to work I will require a 50% deposit of the commission's total cost. This deposit is not refundable. This excludes the price of the miniatures and shipping cost.



Because of the variety of models, I think it's misleading to write a list with prices depending on model size. Models with the same size can vary in detail dramatically. Hence, It's more fair if you ask me directly what models you want painted and receive a proper price suggestion.



Building an interesting miniature requires more than just following the instruction manual. I make sure the figures are posed dynamically but also sturdily built to withstand games upon the tabletop. Mold lines are carefully removed to leave a smooth surface ready for paint.

Sometimes I will paint parts like arms, heads, shoulder pads, weapons etc. separately. This makes it easier to paint details that would be hard to reach if the miniature was assembled. 

If you cannot decide what options to pick for your models, I can magnetize the parts for you. This way you can change the weapons or any other details on the miniatures whenever necessary. 



No commission is too big nor too small so please, send all the miniatures you own if you like! I can replicate paint-schemes from miniatures you already own. Feel free to send pictures for inspiration and reference, this helps me get a better picture what you are visualizing. It consequently helps me provide you with miniatures that reach your expectations. For painting levels, I don't have any strict categories of painting levels. However, to make it easier for you, I have three rough guidelines I can work from.

  • Detailed tabletop - Highlights and recess shading that makes every miniature look great on their own and as a part of a unit.
  • Advanced - High-end painting with blending. Optimal for army centerpieces and larger models.
  • Display - The absolute best I can offer.

Features such as freehand, weathering, Object source lighting, weathering can be added to any of the painting standards above. Describe for me as well as possible what you desire and I will follow your instructions.

I can of course paint different units at different standards. If you want me to paint an army, I can paint the troops at a basic level while painting the more important troops at a higher level. 

Basing adds characteristic value to the miniature. You can instruct me how you would like the bases to be done. Sending inspirational pictures can of course be very helpful.

I always aim for a clean look to make the miniatures look less like toy figures. It's important to think about contrast when painting miniatures since it brings out the details. I always pick out all the details, no matter the painting level. Display miniature or tabletop gaming army, the details are always important.  I never use shortcuts like drybrushing (unless I'm painting sand for bases) or quick airbrush OSL. By doing a hasty job, you take away the spirit that makes the miniatures come alive. It's more enjoyable to play with and collect miniatures that gives an impression rather than just having paint slapped on. It's not very nice to play with quickly painted miniatures since the army will resemble a bowl of porridge rather than miniature warriors. In conclusion, it's a lot more fun to have well painted miniatures. I believe it's worth putting down extra time to prevent miniatures from looking like sloppy painted toys.



Customization can be as simple as a head-swap and as complicated as sculpting an entire miniature from scratch. I love converting and how it personalizes miniatures and the armies they are included in. If you want something converted, just describe what you desire as well as possible and perhaps send me a few reference photos. 



There are so many different miniatures out there and I think it's unfair to divide them into categories based on size. The detail and form can vary dramatically. Hence, the best way to find out what your commission will cost, is simply to send me a mail and ask for a quote. Please note that I only accept PayPal and that a 4.5% transaction fee applies.


Completing the commission

When all the miniatures are painted I will take high-definition photos and send them to you. I do this so you can confirm that you are 100% satisfied before I ship the miniatures. If you're not happy, I will make reasonable changes so the final product meets your expectations. When you have confirmed you're satisfied with the final pictures, I will calculate the shipping cost and send a payment request of the remaining 50% of the total cost + shipping. I will start packing the project when the transaction has gone through. However, If the payment isn't made within 60 days of project completion, all models become property of Niko's Workshop. 



I ship worldwide and I always make sure all miniatures are packed safely. I know it's a terrible feeling to find broken pieces inside a package. I will therefore do all I can to protect your miniatures from damage. However, as soon as I have shipped the package, the carrier is held responsible for any damage or lost packages. You are the owner and therefore responsible for all miniatures. Tracking is available depending on the destination and the size of the package. If your package has a tracking number, you can insert it on this page . You may of course choose the shipping option & carrier that suits you best, based on price and timing.


By asking for a quote you're agreeing to all terms listed on this website.


I hope you have all the information you need to start a commission. If not, don't hesitate to ask by mailing me at


Your project starts here!